Systems Integration

PRA is experienced in systems engineering and developing sensor and communication networks. PRA has considerable capability in radar systems from both hardware and software perspectives. PRA has participated on Government teams as radar engineering consultants and is a systems integrator for an innovative fire control/guidance technology prototype. In addition, PRA has developed sensor and communications concepts for anti-jam GPS, degraded GPS, personnel location and tracking, and command and control systems. PRA has experience with radar hardware component integration and hardware/software integration. PRA maintains an RF laboratory with test equipment capable of developing radar hardware up to 20 GHZ and maintains relationships with a number of component and production integrated circuit vendors.

Contact Information: E. Jeff Holder, Ph.D. System Integration

OI / 3PS

PRA is developing innovative fire control and guidance technology to meet the asymmetric warfare challenges for the 21st century. The 3PS guidance technology achieves enhanced intercept capability at lower cost with higher performance. PRA is developing a prototype OI fire control system with a 3PS seeker that will be tested at Redstone Test Center at Redstone Arsenal in late 2013. PRA is performing the systems integration role by integrating RF hardware developed by vendors and integrating real-time radar software to complete the OI/3PS prototype. Initial static tests of the prototype system have met with success. PRA is developing this capability to meet the challenges presented by multiple simultaneous attacks from asymmetric threats.


PRA has developed a system consisting of multiple GPS receivers and antennas that uses signals from GPS satellites to measure the excess angle arrival bending effect caused by the troposphere. In partnership with the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), PRA has integrated software that can estimate the refractive and turbulence effects on radar signals caused by the troposphere. Working with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), PRA has extended the ETEC system to the Total Atmospheric Effects Mitigation (TAEM) system to include effects of the ionosphere on radar propagation.

Position & Location Systems

PRA has considerable experience in developing systems that locate and track personnel or objects. PRA has developed an automatic target recognition software and processor for classification of personnel that was integrated into an existing radar designed for dismount detection and tracking. PRA developed a sonobuoy position location and tracking system that included hardware modifications to existing sonobuoy hardware to communicate relevant timing information to a P8 aircraft and the signal/data processing that would accurately track each sonobuoy. In addition, PRA has developed concepts for anti-jam GPS networks and for GPS denied networks. In some cases, these networks require a combination of hardware and software development and integration.

Electronic Attack & Electronic Protection

PRA has developed Electronics Attack (EA) systems that use Digital RF Memory (DRFM) devices. These devices require the integration of RF hardware and Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) firmware. PRA currently has developed three EA DRFM units for various operating radar frequency bands. In addition, PRA has developed Electronic Protection (EP) software which has been integrated and tested in the Multi-Mission Radar.